Shoes can be Fun with Heelys

Heelys shoes are available either with one wheel or two wheels in heels. These roller trainers are similar in appearance to an ordinary trainer but are designed stylishly. The wheels are mostly buried in the soles with only a part jutting out. You can wear them indoors on smooth floor or outside on tarred surface. You can wear them even when shopping at malls.

Who wears Heelys?

Shaquille O'Neil

Shaquille O'Neil had nearly two dozen custom-made Heelys. Rapper Lil' Romeo and singer Usher also wore these shoes. The shoes are now made in colours and design that cater to boys and girls. The popularity of boys Heelys skate shoes zoomed in the UK in 2007. The Boys Rebel Heelys became famous after being shown on Nickelodeon.

There are also a number of girls Heelys as the sport has gained popularity among the fairer sex. They are especially designed cater to the tastes of female clientele.

Are there more choices?

When it comes to wheels, Heelys provide two choices, normal or FATS that most one-wheel Heelys have, and Mega wheels, which are meant for experienced users. Mega wheels are larger, which means the wearer can skate faster and can take sharper turns and more quickly.

“These are trainers that are fun and utilitarian at the same time...!”

How much do they cost?

In Britain, Heelys are priced between £40 and £60. When launched, they were sold for $60 to $90 a pair in Southern California in December 2000.

What is the difference between one-wheeled and two-wheeled models?

Heelys that have two wheels are not only tougher to turn on but also slower as more energy is required to push two wheels. Those with one wheel are not only simpler to manoeuvre but also faster. One-wheeled models are better for executing complex moves compared to those with two wheels. Heelys with two-wheels are not sold in all sizes and styles but one-wheeled versions of Heelys are.

Where are they so popular?

The Texas-based company generates 65 percent of its sales outside the US. It recorded more than $20 million in sales in the first year, but soon sales flattened as the company started selling Heelys all over the US and in foreign markets such as Japan and South Korea. Sales soared after the company launched a national marketing blitz in 2005. Heelys logged $188.2 million in sales in 2006.

The company introduced an apparel line in December 2006 and new shoes such as non-wheeled sneakers and a wheeled boot in 2007.

In the September quarter of 2012, the company's net sales stood at $6.6 million. Its sales fell in France, Germany and Italy. This was more than offset by increased sales in Japan, and of third-party scooters and skateboards in France and Germany, and to third-party distributors.

Safety concerns and ban by schools notwithstanding, fewer wearers of Heelys have been in an accident than those riding bikes and scooters or skateboarding. In fact, a study found that Heelys are safer than bicycles, skateboards, even scooters.

These are trainers that are fun and utilitarian at the same time!


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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has some pertinent information and tips on the safe use of Heelys, and minimising the risks of accidents when whizzing around on your wheels.